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    I’ve made a post about this before and its becoming more and more inconvenient every time i encounter it. I recently completed loremaster of draenor on a new account for pathfinder and i decided to make a comparison between looking up mandatory stroyline quest on wowpedia and following dugi guides. I did gogrond with dugi and got the achivement when the leveling guide was only 87%, I manually ticked and skipped close to 100 steps in spires of arak, fully followed dugi for shadowmoon valley and fully turned off dugi and followed websites for talador, then i opened up dugi talador guide after i got the achievement and let dugi auto detect completed quests and it only showed 74% completed.
    The leveling guides and loremaster guides should be different, leveling guides have dozens of unnecesary breadcrumb/side quests that may be good for maximum xp when leveling up but all it does is make a 30 min zone take 50 when done with an already max level character.
    Loremaster guides should load a modified version of leveling guides that only contain storyline quests.
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