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    As a rouge the guide wants me to finish the Warlock quest beginnings, why?


      which guide are you using?


        rouge? what colour


          onibaba said:

          rouge? what colour

          haha thought the same.


          8.780 install path classic, have I missed something? 

          As paladin the guide wanted me to do dwarf pala quest as a human so its not the only class and race specific issue I have encountered.


          it does not show the classic version numbers in the installer

            I think you’re still using old version 

            make sure the install path are correct for retail and classic 

            1. Download latest installer version 
            3. Click on the settings and enter your DugiGuides Username and Password (it should say Welcome! Username) if successful otherwise enter your info correctly 
            4. Check install path is correct, try clicking the Auto Detect Path button to fix it
            Win Retail. <your path>World of Wacraft_retail_
            Win Classic. <your path>World of Wacraft_classic_
            Mac Retail. /Applications/World of Wacraft/_retail_/
            Mac Classic. /Applications/World of Wacraft/_classic_/
            5. Check launcher path is correct
            6. Click Reinstall (after a new purchase)

            Did have an older version of the installer, since being sick and tending to sick kids and so forth I havent tried it yet going online now but guessing the issues will be solved. Thank you =)

          Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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