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      Build 8.955 – Apr 1st 2021
      Dugi Addon
      • Fixed loading animation bug with TomTom addon
      • Fixed Icon arrow movement bug 
      • Fixed Icon arrow ping animation bug 
      • Updated NPC Names data
      Achievement Guide
      • New “Bat!” guide
      • New “Hunting Party” guide
      • New “Rallying Cry of the Ascended” guide 
      • New “Fractured Faerie Tales” guide
      • New “Nine Afterlives” guide
      • New “Shard Labor” guide
      • New “Sojourner of Bastion” guide
      • New “Sojourner of Ardenweald” guide
      • New “Sojourner of Maldraxxus” guide
      • New “Sojourner of Revendreth” guide

      Dungeon Guides 

      • New 50-60 Dungeon guides 

        The waypoint arrow sits right in the middle of my screen. I turned off dugiguides.


          there’s a bug that you can’t move the waypoint when it is a button, but you should be able to move it as a zone map or the TomTom style arrow 

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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