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    I just found about Zygor from a guildmate, so I started researching and found Dugi, which I’m now trying out. I’m almost ready to purchase, but I’m curious about the difference between the two. Why should I buy Dugi over Zygor subscription? 

    From reading the forums it sounds like the Dungeon guide isn’t coming anytime soon, but something “surprised” is coming. That’s not much of a selling point. 

    I do like the way Dugi looks a lot (I like the way it blends with wow). I like the model character feature, but what else makes it stand out?

    Also does it have profession guide for classic? Any other guide like stats, skill options etc? 

    I’m not new to wow, but new to this guide addon thing. Thanks in advance.


      I’ll try to answer this as I used Zygor and switched to Dugi a while back and have been using it since then (1-2 months) and have been super pleased with it even with a few shortcomings.

      Zygor’s guide is really really grindy. When they first released their guide it had a lot of running around between zones and people didn’t like this so they switch it up to a stay in one zone for x number of levels. This introduced a lot of grind and some people hated it and some people liked it. I personally preferred it without the grind. I feel like Dugi is more like this and has me do a lot of traveling and while sometimes a few levels seem really slow (3 or 4 hours) other will zip right by (2 hours) and I’m level 32 now. I think this has to do with the amount of travel Dugi has you doing.

      Zygor has a lot of “Grind the rest of the level out” steps. Dugi doesn’t have this and I have yet to fall behind, all I do is follow the guide and have been running the level appropriate dungeons once.

      + I also like the fact that with dugi I can see a list of all the steps. Zygor doesn’t feature this (or didn’t when I used it)… You had to step through all the steps which was super annoying. 

       – I use Dugi in conjunction with Questie because sometimes I think where it’s showing drops aren’t the most optimal location. I think Zygor would have this issue to.

      +/- I actually use Joanna’s guide free portion for 1-12. While I think there pretty close,  I feel like Joanna’s guide has a little bit better pathing. I can make it to level 12 in just under 3 hours with Joanna. Dugi it took me about 4 and half the first time. I was reading Joanna’s site though and on it he says he’s friends with Dugi and mention him by name.

      As for this “Suprise” I’m a little disappointed. I’m 99% sure it’s going to be profession guides since Zygor is now rolling out profession guides. Personally I think profession guides are trash as you can get this information free online. I’d much rather see dungeon guides or at least pathing to get all the different quest for dungeons.

      Also Dugi and/or the Team seem pretty responsive and honest in their answer’s on the forum. I can’t say the same for Zygor’s Team on their forums. It seems like their a little more combative to the users when there’s an issue or complaint.

      Anyways I recommend Dugi over zygor overwhelmingly. 


      @chr1zz thank you for your very detailed and well thought out response. Dugi should put you on the payroll.  :)

      I ran both Zygor and Dugi at the same time during the 1-12 gnome experience. The Dugi experience was much more enjoyable, for everything you mention. The one thing I liked that Zygor did different than Dugi was that at one point it had me run over a mountain and jump to my death and rez in Menthil Harbor to get the flight point. It seemed pointless at the time, but once I had to go to Darkshore to start the 12-17 guide, I was like, ahhh. 

      Otherwise the 1-12 experience was almost identical, minus a few minor pathing situations. 

      I find Zygor a bit more difficult to read and follow, because it all just kinda blends together. I like the WoW style interface that matches the game, the big bold white text, the icons, the use of spacing and layout a million time better with Dugi. I do graphic work, and layout is important. 

      The mini-map on Dugi is a nice and useful feature. The click a button to highlight the needed NPC, the character model box all superior and only found on Dugi. 

      I also agree with you on being able to see all the steps on Dugi by right clicking on the guide viewer. I had done something out of step with the guide, and I was able to open up all the steps with Dugi, search the quest name and find it and check it off (or uncheck a step). Zygor I spent an eternity clicking back and forth to find something. 

      I really wish the Dungeons were complete, and I personally  like the idea of profession in the guide, as I’m now playing on a laptop and tabbing out is a slow process for me. That is why I decided to first subscribe to Zygor to see how their profession guide was. The problem however, they are useless. Most of the guides simple say, farm mats here, and nothing else.  Not very useful.

      My issue with Dugi, is I feel if you are going to have a subscription model, you should include everything like Zygor does. No double dipping. Dugi appears to have a subscription and charges extra for improvements, and additional content (like the classic guide). That seems greedy. I’d be fine with one or the other, but not both payment models being used. 

      That said, I’m going to buy the classic guide, and run it side by side Zygor for the next month, and I predict I’ll be sticking with Dugi. They each have strengths and weaknesses in my opinion, but from my limited usage, Dugi appears to offer a few things I value most. 

      P.S. I just thought of one more thing I wish Dugi would implement that Zygor does better, and that is the stat guide. I appreciate being able to follow how to place my talent point in-game vs. having to follow an external source. 


        how are u running both my arrow dont work in zygor is all glitched out. and I even turned dugi off.

          and dugi doesn’t seem to work with SoM so well npc not where it says they are.
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