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    Hello, i have a problem since i added the guide module, the quests stop being followed automatically. However, i unchecked the local tracker. But it continues to make quests disappear with the ‘Guides’ mode activated. :/
    Am i the only one with this bug ? Is there a solution ? Thank you in advance. =)


      Hi, you need to disable Display > Anchored Mode or Show Quest Objectives

      this is to prevent the Quest Objective counter being displayed twice in the same frame which clutters up the objective frame. 


      This did not correct the concern. When I accept a quest it disappears directly from the follow on the right. Oblige to put in essential mode.


        Hi I am having the same issue, I have show quest objectives ticked but they still disappear automatically after I track. If I open map and select the number button or question mark on the map that represents the quest then it guides that step of the quest then abandons after completion. If I open the quest log and close again it disappears and reverts back to the guide.


          Make sure to also disable Setttings > Display > Automatic Quest Matching 

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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