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      We can only have 20 quests in the log yet we are told to pickup more quests than it can hold. I’m being forced to just willy-nilly abandon quests the Classic guide says to take. In one just I just had to go from Shimmering Flats to Booty Bay, re-acquire a quest and return to Shimmering. Can we have an update on the guide that realizes this?


        laughs… you know, you can kill Kenata Dabyrie a hundred times… you can kill Marcel Dabyrie 200 times… you can kill Fardel Dabyrie a hundred times over and over.. but you will NEVER get a head from any of them if you dont get the quest from 

        Genavie Callow in Undercity

        which maybe I missed in the guide but looking back, I dont see it… probably good to mention that just in the guide instruction for getting those heads… like just a little note like, be sure you talk to Genavie in Undercity, would have saved me a couple of hours and submission of a complaint to Blizz…

        laughs…. it is so much fun being a noob!!


        I also run into this problem a few times. it won’t take me long though, to figure out which ones are safe to abandon for now. F.ex. a quest in another zone that you can take again near flightpath, when you come back later. Cool thing is, that alot of the times the future guide tells you to pick it up again anyway.

        Edit: might be a good idea to not use auto accept quest but only auto turn in. Saw another post about the auto pick up guide only quest might be bugged.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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