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      Firstly – thank you for this Fantastic mod! The Quality of Life improvement to the game is exceptional. 

      This might be a user error, as no one else seems to be reporting it, but when I select a Dragonriding mount the Quest List disappears. If I select a non-Dragonriding mount (eg a gryphon) the quest list may blink but re-appear (or not disappear at all) so its not as severe for those mount types.

      To troubleshoot I’ve disabled all other mods and can replicate this issue with just DugiGuides running. “Auto Track Local Quests” is Not checked.

      I’ve been using DugiGuides for a while now and this problem showed up just with the most recent update (I think they patched the release, now version 

      Please help and thank you.


        You are right it does look more inclined to be client end. This can be a number of things, corrupt CVars or macro/s. Despite addons are disabled, they can still be responsible for a CVar corruption or error.
        Can you please install or enable BugSack and BugGrabber, with these enabled along with DugiGuides could also shed some light as to what’s going on. I am intrigued to see if there’s a lua error or taint lurking in the background.
        If you hear “Fatality”, click on the red sack minimap icon and then click anywhere in the middle of the output and press CTRL + A and then CTRL + C. On the desktop, right click a blank space and select New, and then select Text Document. Name it Crash. Open it and then press CTRL + V, click the X top right and then click save. Repeat this for other errors, of course, name the next error, Crash 2 etc.
        If you did get errors or taints, please click the Attach File in the
        WYSIWYG tool bar and then browse to the file and click add, repeat for
        the other files.

        I would like to try getting you to try typing /dugi fix followed by hitting enter and then click Okay on the reload prompt.
        Once you enter game after the reload, try mounting on a Dragonriding Mount, try not to use a macro and see if it happens again. If the problem persists, please try Reinstalling the Addon.

        Reinstall DugiGuides Addon:-

        1. Open Dugi Installer.
        2. Click on Settings button.
        3. Click on Reset button.
        4. Click Okay button x3 times.
        5. Click on Okay button.
        6. Click Reinstall button.
        7. Exit the Dugi Installer.

        I am looking forward to hear back from you with any results.


          Hello Ozzi,
          Thanks for the reply. I installed BugSack and BugGrabber with DugiGuides as the only other mod. The Sack stays green as I replicate the disappearing quest list issue mounting/dismounting Dragonmounts (not using a macro as you say).

          When I ran /dugi fix I did get a “fatality” message and red Sack. The text of that is attached.  I hope that is helpful.

          I re-installed DugiGuides from CurseForge, no change to symptom.

          Thanks again for any guidance!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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