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    Part of the level guide  Spires of Arak  step 337 – 343 is not working or is not needed anymore for Horde.
    Step 337 says  kill shadowclaw , but i killed it about 20x but nothing happens and is not registered by the guide , sometimes a yellow ! appears next to its name and sometimes it doesn’t appear, witch makes me wonder if it is a alliance part of the quest, seeing all  the info i can find about it  talks about it being in darkshore.
    Step 338 is correct and working
    step 339 kill 15 bloodmain saberon also doesn’t work killed  about 60 and no response 
    step 340 free 6 captured ravenspeakers also doesn’t work you can see the post there tied to light up when you hoover over them, you can click them but nothing happens .
    Step 341 kill Ralshira nothing happens
    Step 342 works
    step 343 kill broken fang also nothing happens when killed
    So step 337, 339, 340, 341, and 343 are probbely from 1 chain. 
    So either the quest is obsolete or partially  removed or its part of  a alliance quest seeing the  yellow ! is not always present with when you tag it ,but cant tests it because i don’t play alliance
    I could complete the guide without it ,so maybe temporarily  remove that part from it until it is solved 


      will fix that up thank you 

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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