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      At times like this where Blizzard has released 10.1.5 on 11-Jul-2023 the addons that aren’t updated may cause more harm than good, it’s irrelevant what the addon’s main purpose is.. or whether or not the addon is interfering with another addon.
      AddOns are not updated with just toc version edit to reflect “100105”; it’s the API as well, most of the addons will be complying with the API and thus would need to make necessary changes to reflect the new ones, and so on. These addons can still stir up issues with other addons that are running normally, and can cause unexpected issues in game.

      The World of Warcraft API, is a set of Lua functions and facilities provided by the Blizzard WoW Client, to allow interaction with the World of Warcraft and it’s user interface.
      The use of the APIs provide developers with tools to enrich any fan site or addons with information about World of Warcraft. Here are a few ways developers can integrate API data:

      • Add World of Warcraft character achievements, guild information and Mythic Dungeon leaderboards.

      Blizzard has been changing the API a lot this expansion “Dragonflight”; so, before playing your game, check your addons for updates:

      1. In-Game at the character select screen You may get a prompt popup stating “You are running a new version of the game and have interface modifications which are out of date. Disabling them is recommended.” Click on Disable Addons and then click Okay.
      2. Click on Addons button and then ensure that Load out of date AddOns is unchecked.
      3. In the list, uncheck Out of Date addons.
      4. Log in to the game.

      Look out for any Lua error popups

      In the meantime, every now and then check for addon updates and note which ones that do get updated, re-enable them in-game, this means the developer has fixed issues “if any” and the addon is ready for you to use again.
      You can use clients to update your addons easily: Overwolf – 
      Curse Forge client, WoWUP or WoWUP-CF or Cursebreaker and so on..

      Allegedly there was an error reported by typing “/dugi reset”, if this occurs, try disabling ALL addons and then try that command again, if errors still occur try “/dugi fix”. Again, if errors still occur after that, reinstall DugisGuideViewerZ addon by using the Installer or Manual Install.

      If you still have issues you can catch us on our Discord Server or you can make a ticket. Please keep in mind of our code of conduct, this still applies to any communication platform we offer.

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