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      Currently using retail build 8.823.  I’ve been noticing that after I rez at my body when I die, the Dugi arrow still points to “my corpse” and does not go away until I manually select the little green dot next to my quest objective in the guide.  I’ve used this guide for a long time, and the arrow is supposed to go away, or at the very least go back to pointing to you next step in the guide, once you rez.  I think this might be a bug but I don’t know.  Please help if possible!

        I think this was brought up in the old forum and I think there was a change with wow that caused this but I can’t remember if Dugi was able to resolve this.
        I believe there should be another investigation to find the cause and to possibly fix the issue, it is rather annoying having to manually click a waypoint if you stuffed up or took on too many mobs or got ganked if on pvp server :)

          been testing this and it seems to be working correctly, its possible that arrow is not changing if character enter into combat immediately after rezing

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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