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    Pandaria – Krasarang Wilds – Bonfire co-ordinates direct to wrong location.  In the guide it currently shows it at 74, 9.50.  It is actually located at 77.79, 3.64.

    Also, the addon isn’t updated for Kul Tiras and Zandalar locations.


      we’ll fix that up


      Another note:  Need to update the Azeroth guide to include the three new Zidormi locations added in BfA.

      Tirisfal Glades – (Undercity and Brill) – 69.4, 62.8
      Darkshore – (Dolanaar and Lor’Danel) – 48.85, 24.43
      Silithus – (Cenarian Hold) – 78.98, 21.99


      is it because blizzard move these guys around or sloppy updating…lol


        ok should be added next build 


        OK. I see you’ve add the new Zidormi lines, but the ones for Tirisfal Glades and Darkshore need to be moved up the list at bit for the Alliance side.

        Alliance –
        You have to speak to Zidormi in order to access Undercity as well as Brill. 
        .. Travel to Tirisfal Glades
        .. Speak to Zidormi
        .. Travel to Undercity
        .. Flame of the Undercity
        .. Stealing Undercity’s Flame
        .. Desecrate this Fire (Brill)
        .. Desecrate this Fire (Western Plaguelands)

         The same for accessing Dolanaar in Teldrassil and Lor’danel in Darkshore.
        .. Travel to Lor’danel
        .. Speak to Zidormi
        .. Honor the Flame (Lor’danel)
        .. Travel to Teldrassil
        .. Honor the Flame (Dolanaar)
        .. Honor the Flame (Azuremyst Isle)

        Horde – 
        All good.  :)

        Thanks! :)


          ok fixed again for next build :)

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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