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    This is all in Classic not Retail. I am having an issue with FPS drops and memory usage rising at the same time with DugiGuide enabled. I have tried turning off all addons other than the guide and ElvUI, so I can keep track of memory usage, to see if something else was causing an issue. I am still getting the FPS drop, although it takes much longer due to no other addons using extra memory, when the guide is on. When the guide is off, and all other addons are on, there is no issue. I have noticed that when I start to have FPS loss DugiGuide starts raising from about 13-16 MB RAM usage to upwards of 170 MB. If I reload UI it will fix the problem. I have also compaired my settings in Dugi to a friend’s and also deleted and reinstalled the addon to no improvement. Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


      try deleting your all your macros (back them up in a text file) and use the guide without macros. 


      Thank you, this seems to have fixed the issue. Is this a know issue that is being worked on? Not sure why macros interfere with mine but not my friend’s.


        It’s a weird bug and we haven’t been able to replicate it or know how to fix it, 

        can you share the macro you were using 


        Sure, the macro I used was:

        /castsequence reset=2 Arcane Intellect, Frost Armor

        I’m not sure if it makes any difference , but it was under my character specific macros.

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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