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      I thought I’d
      share some tips for leveling, so you won’t run into the Classic wall of being
      behind the level requirements.

      Classic wow
      is a grinding game with quests. It’s important to remember that. There
      aren’t enough quests in Classic, especially not in phase 1, to reach 60 solely
      by questing. The guide does bring you close to the “retail” experience and it does it
      very effectively and Imo. it is the best at it! No guide though can promise “no
      grind”. If they do then I call BS.

      While doing
      quests there’s some tips to keep up with the levels:

      • Kill
        everything in your path that gives Experience (XP) but try to run in a straight line. Don’t go
        out of your way to run off to the sides to pick up every mob.
      • Avoid
        roads and only use mount when it makes sense. Example: Darkshore and Barrens.
        It’s a classic mistake to take the roads because it feels faster and safer.
        These zones are packed with mobs and it’s a huge waste of XP if you avoid them.
        Many of them are for quests anyway. Dustwallow Marsh is a perfect example. The
        road goes in a huge circle around the most wonderful dense packed area of mobs.
        Crocodiles, Spiders, Raptors etc. Lots of XP wasted if you go around it to “save”
        some time. That time is only saved for later grind. Remember that.
      • When
        doing the quests and there is more than one mob type, kill them all, it’s free
        XP. You’re not doing yourself a favor by only killing the quest mobs. Find the
        balance. Not saying you should grind
        them, but if they’re close, you might as well get the XP.
      • If you’re
        close to a ding, then grind the last % before you turn in. It’s easier to grind
        in current zone than the next and once you ding, the XP from the mobs are worth
      • Do NOT
        skip ahead or change zone guide unless all the quests are grey! I can’t stress
        this enough. You want to do the green quests! If coming from a Dungeon, then
        look up the previous level guide. Does it still contain Green/yellow quests?
        Then go there! If you missed some chain quests, then red X them and finish the
        rest of the quests in the guide.

      If you are
      ahead with one or two levels, then stay in the current guide because you’ll
      catch up eventually. In later expansions this change, and it becomes normal to
      leave a zone when you’re within the level requirement for the next zone. It’s
      so important to do the quests while they give 100% XP reward. You can’t go back
      and do them later because the XP tax will set in. Quest Colors:

      • Green =
        awesome. Same XP as yellow. Easy to kill. You rarely miss and you can survive
        more than one mob.
      • Yellow =
        good.  Still easy to kill but higher
        chance of resists. This is where you’ll be questing the most.
      • Orange =
        less good. High chance of resists. Lots of down time between the mobs and
        you’ll end up running out of quests for the next level and the grind will be
        even worse.
      • Red =
        Doable for some classes but not worth it. Complete waste of time.

       You want to
      be doing a good mix of Green/Yellow quests and avoid Orange/Red (UNLESS the
      guide tells you to pick them up. There’s a reason and it should not be
      ignored!). Rule of thumb:

      • Grey not
        worth it. If you ever see a grey quest in the guide, it’s only to get the
        follow up in a quest chain. Happens maybe once or twice out of thousands of
        quests. Don’t skip.
      • Green
        does not give less XP (mobs give less but are faster to kill and often you can
        pull more than one)
      • Orange
        and Red quests does not give more XP (mobs do but they take longer to kill)

      If the quests are within 5 level’s they give the same XP (within level 1-10
      they give the same). Dont skip Them! When you’re more than 5 level’s above the quest, the quest starts to
      give less XP (this is the XP tax), this is why it’s important not to skip them and finish them while they’re relevant.

      From 1-30 you shouldn’t ever be behind with only a minimal grind, if any.

      From 31-60
      It becomes more important to keep an eye on level requirement.

      There’s no
      need to save the grind. Follow the tips and it becomes much easier to keep up.

      Some like to level with Orange quests and it works for them. Each to his own.
      Maybe they play with friends and do a lot of Dungeons in between. Many
      variables. This is classic. There’s no correct way to play the game. We all
      level our own way in our own tempo.

      Hope this helps.

      Feel free
      to share your tips and sorry for the wall of text 😊


        I’m actually a few levels ahead.. I’m 27 (horde) now and it keeps having me skip some of the guides such as (Ashenvale 26-27)… should I still go due them?

        I think I grinded too much on some parts.

          Hi @chr1zz

          If the quests are still Green/Yellow, then I’d click “not now” when the guide suggest pops up. If you already accepted, then just right click your current quest to open the guide window and pick the previous zone. If you already picked up a few quests in the new zone, then you may have to abandon them if the quest log gets full.

          Currently I only use the “not now” option because I don’t do Dungeons atm.

          You can always switch between zone guides. It’ll remember your progress.


            I am 49 half way to 50 and I have yet to grind anything. All questing all the way through.

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