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      First I would like to point out the updates are great, the new arrow is great when it works and is a much better version of the one Blizzard use.

      But there is also the issue that when the arrow asks you to use your hearth or portal option that option shows up in the last place the arrow was. This makes the arrow show up in random areas of the screen and not in the spot I had it before this update.

      Secondly, either since the 9.0.5 update or since the last Dugi update I have been getting some lag, some very specific addon related lag that may be related to Dugi.

      I have about 85 addons including Dugi and Pet Tracker. I can run all addons except Dugi and the game runs smooth, I can run all except Pet Tracker and the game runs smooth, but when I run both of these together the game lags, frame skips and FPS lose. Even when I run just these 2 addons on their own without any other addon, it lags.

      Not sure if it is Dugi or Pet Tracker, but one of them does not like the other and causes issues.


        There may be some interference between the two (DugiGuides & Pet Tracker addons) because DugiGuides has a module that covers Pet Tracking, though, no lua errors are showing, there still can be collisions in the background that could be causing this lag.

        I found Pet Tracker did the exact same thing back in Cata (it clashed with DugiGuides), I stopped using Pet Tracker addon and used DugiGuides tracking instead 😉

        As far as the new arrow, I love it but haven’t noticed anything with it yet, once work is complete I will try to spend more time in-game.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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