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    It seems to work for my other characters, just not for my Hunter. I first noticed it shortly after making the Hunter, as when I had nothing on it wasn’t telling me to put on the various drops. The settings seem to be the same as my other characters.


      Another user reported this before with hunter but we were unable to replicate the issue, what is the language used in the game ? what race is your hunter? 

      does it work if you create a brand new hunter character? 


      It is a Night Elf hunter and I’m using English. As I mentioned, this was a brand new hunter, but I’ll start a new Dwarf hunter later today to test.


      I made a few new hunters, both Dwarf and Night Elf, and had no issues with the gear advisor on any of the characters. With the various characters I tried different setups — changing some of the options but still had no issues.

      Afterward, I tried reinstalling the current guides, disabled all addons, had your Classic guide as my only add on, and the gear advisor still has not worked on that hunter.


        Can you try typing /dugi fix 
        or try going to the installer settings > click repair > reinstall  (make sure wow is closed when you do this) 


        The /dugi fix command seems to have worked. Thanks!

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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