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    I bought Dugi today, but was using another guide before to do the War Campaign. I just finished getting my 3 reps needed for Uniting Zandalar. I loaded the Dugi war Campaign guide and it is having me go back and do missed quests the other guide didn´t have, like all the WANTED quests…step 181, 182, 205, 206 207. None are available. 

    Then in step 214 it sends me to accept An-Eight Legged Curse from Foreman Cogbutton. None of her quests are available. I am assuming at this point none of the quests from 214 – 222 are available. 223 is done, then minus a few optional quests, everything else is done and it finally brings be up to Uniting Zandalar. 

    I´m going to put a red X on these quests for now, but is there a reason these aren´t available? 


      the wanted quest should have been optional, it may or may not be there. We’ll make the changes. I’m not sure about  Foreman Cogbutton it should be there, will need to get back to you on this 


      Hey Dugi,

      Now that I am on step 356 of the guide the Wanted Quest Anchorface and The Crimson Cutthroats are available. Perhaps Blizzard changed something to make those not available until you get to this point. I´ll eventually see if the others one are available when I´m back to those location. 


      OK, the next three wanted quest in Krazzlefraz Outpost are now available as well. Perhaps just change the location they are in the guide. I´ll keep you posted. 


      Update Three;

      Foreman Cogbutton two quests are now also available. These quests definitely just need to be moved to the new location around step 355/356.


      Step 218 Precious Metal is also now available.

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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