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    I have been away for along time and just installed dugi’s guide again
    But during y setup of how iw ant teh guide to look on screen, i cany seem to find a button or something to move teh wp and objecive to another place on screen.

    Right now it just dances around me if i turn around the camera with teh mouse button pressed
    i just want it to stay on the top part of the screen with only the wp arrow moving.

    Right now its at this place on my screen


    I just want  it to have it like the old days where i could move it around by using a key and my mouse
    anybody know a solution.

    because the moving around creeps me out, even more now that Blizz also changed around teh interface again to something weird

    thx in advance

      Hi @rashcl welcome back!
      Right click on the DG minimap icon, or you can rightclick on the guide frames and then click the gear cog to enter Settings.
      Click on Dugi Arrow and then untick Icon arrow. This should bring back the Classic Dugi Guides Arrow.
      To move them, hold the CTRL key down then drag the Arrow / Zone Map to where every you like them to be.
      To Lock them, same again, hold the CTRL key down, then right click and choose ‘Lock Arrow’ ‘Lock Zone Map’.
      I hope this helps you ;)

      Thanx that did the trick

      1 small question though
      I am a loyal member, and can see every dugi expansion addon i have , but there no mentioning of teh drake expansion part of the Dugi guide there ?

      I thought i read  loyal members got that one for free ?
      but i can be mistaken its  so so so long ago that i last visited wow.

      in any case thx for the inside of getting the old  waypoint back, the enw one just creeps me out,it basically distracts me from looking on my screen because my eyes seem to involuntary  follow it lol

        Check the Members area, click the Products tab, look for Dragonflight Update.
        Yes, Loyalty Members get this update for free (see loyalty.png), if it appears in the Products page then I’d check with Dugi by making a Ticket.


        hmm my list is a bit different from yours, but it has the loyalty members tag
        ,but the guide is showing up in the product page seems i will make a ticket with Dugi then.

          Never mind the list, the red segment was the focal point, if you have it then yes, ticket would help. I don’t have the account access to look in to it myself.
          However, before you do a ticket, if you already did one doesn’t matter, try this anyway.
          Try clicking reinstall in the Dugi Installer (currently it’s 1.5.3 and the guides version is 9.0165)
          That should install the missing guides. If they don’t appear, advise that you tried reinstalling the guides using the Dugi Installer.

          i already did that after Dugi contacted me about my ticket, there have been some weird things when installing the guides the installer etc , i am already talking with Dugi about it, like teh installer saying i have  9.0166 and the newest one is 9.0165 :P

            Cool that you made a ticket, especially if it hasn’t resolved your issue.
            Yes I told Dugi in Discord the minute he uploaded the 9.0.166 among other issues before and after the fact :P there’s a lot going on right now. I have guides to rework on along with making some achievement guides for Dragonflight. busy busy ha ha.
          Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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