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      [{“insert”:”Since our server updates older version of the installer will likely fail, make sure you “},{“attributes”:{“link”:”https://www.dugiguides.com/dgmembers/”},”insert”:”download the latest version from the members area”},{“insert”:” n”},{“attributes”:{“link”:”https://www.dugiguides.com/dgmembers/”},”insert”:”Click here to download”},{“insert”:”ncurrently versions Windows 1.4.3 and Mac 1.2.8n”}]


        i installed the Mac 1.2.8 version and it is still not working, im receiving an error everytime i try to open it. are you aware of any bugs with this?


          hi can you post the error, I tested the mac version and it seems to work fine


            New installer isn’t working.  Tries to download and install the new version of the guides and then just closes without giving you the play button.  It’s saying the version of the guides is “201904(”  . I have the windows version of the installer.


              When you start DugiGuide_1.2.8 this message pops up:

              “An updated version 2019-04-05 10:36am API(v5) nobody macVersion()

              1.2.8 of Dugi Installer is available. Would you like to download?”

              NO — YES

              When i clicked YES: the installer crashed. “please contact support if it occure again”

              When i clicked NO my DugiGuide_1.2.8 opened, and I could click the update button myself – and it worked just fine.
              Restarted – and well, the same message as above shows up.

              Also: in the “members” box, the box to the left has some issues:

              2019-04-05 10:36am API(v5) nobody dlCheckUser() 2019-04-05 10:36am API(v5) nobody api_check_user( member=henniie ) aMember hash match Welcome, henniie!


              Installer 1.4.3 not working

              Finds new version, click on Update and DugisGuideViewerZ folder gets deleted from Addons folder

              Tried manual installation and can only see trial guides even though the DugiGuide ViewerZ folder contains all of my guides etc.


                Addon with 1.4.3 stopped working also.  I open the installer guide and it says no addon present.  Then starts to download a 201904.. I can’t see the rest.


                  I have tried to use my installer it is saying the version of the guides is “201904”.  It starts to add update then  just closes. Unable to even open the settings.


                  I’m getting similar error as henniie. I have download from the site, unzipped and moved to /Applications. 


                  Same for me. After hitting “YES” to upgrade to newest version, I get this message:


                  all gone pete tong since web page update


                  Still issues


                    I downloaded the manual version and it works fine in game.  Make sure you’re logged in to your Dugi account when you download it.  Just don’t try to start the game with the installer because it will delete the guides if you’re using windows version.


                    tried that to….. and despite showing my name and correct password it still fails. 


                    My installer also failed I had to delete guide and do a manual install and start game without clicking installer.

                  Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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