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    Step 2 on Thousand Needles (27-29) Guide:

    -Quest “Melor Sends Word” sends me to Thousand Needles for Melor Stonehoof (Image Attached);
    -Melor is actually located in Thunder Bluff (61,80);
    -Melor also does not offer the quest “Melor Sends Word” and instead offers the quest “Steelsnap”

    So there must be a prerequisite somewhere I am missing. WoWHead Comments indicate quest “Ishamuhale” must be completed first. Steps 5, 43, 50 in “The Battens (25-25) which also has a prerequisite. “Ishamuhale” seems to be deep into a quest line starting from “Sergra Darkthorn


      Melor Sends Word is from Jorn Skyeer in The Barrens, the mapid was incorrect I’ll fix that up. The rest of the quest require a lot of pre-quest which you don’t have you will just have to skip them. 

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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