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    I have both the guide and tomtom installed…  in “Classic Era”  (season of mastery)

    Does that feature actually work at all?

    Also, perhaps a bug…  If I turn off the checkmark for “Merge With Dugi Arrow” on the Dugi Zone Map setting page, occasionally the arrow position on my screen changes to be under the zone map… I can’t seem to keep them both and the arrow where I want it…


      I’ve had this same bug for a while. I’ve tracked it down to occurring after I zone with my hearthstone or enter a dungeon or something like that. I’m using the original arrow and not the new navigation clock around my character.

      I always just move the map, rest the arrow’s position and move the map back.


        we’ll need to add this feature back in, we’re looking into it

        Hello. I just re-installed WOW (regular-not classic) and Dugi Guides 8.984.
        am not seeing the old TomTom arrow at the top anymore. Also, I can’t
        see where to set the cool sounds for completed quests, etc. . . Am I
        missing, or not seeing something?

        Thank you!


          hi sorry for late reply and hope you had a good christmas

          it’s still there go to the dugi arrow settings > untick icon arrow for the tomtom style arrow 

          and under dugi quests settings you should have option to enable quest complete

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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