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    Raid on Queen Azshara

    Not so long ago the raid Eternal Palace came out. Already many have passed
    it in lfr or ordinary mode and many guilds or people are now trying to pass the
    heroic mode of this raid. Someone manages, and someone doesn ‘t. In this
    article you will learn a little about tactit in normal and heroic mode.

    A little about tactics.

    Queen Azhara differs from other bosses in the Eternal Palace in that all four
    major phases represent essentially separate fights where the boss uses
    fundamentally different abilities (except Ancient Seals). The transition phases
    repeat each other with slight changes.

    For example:

    In the first phase, the raid battles Aitanel and Keran, and Azshara flies
    around the room and applies his abilities. Some Tips for Players:

    Tanks should hold mini bosses, Aitanel and Kerana. During the action Love
    longing mini-bosses need to be kept so that they are in each other ‘s area of
    sight, and during the action Painful memories – to bring one of the bosses by a
    pole, breaking the area of visibility.

    Players of long-distance fight should not stand in the center of the room, as
    Primation draws players there.

    The phase ends with the death of Aitanel and Keran. Try not to kill mini-bosses
    immediately after the appearance of the Charodean spheres, otherwise you will
    have to engage in spheres in the first transition phase.

    The heroic regime of Queen Azhara.

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    For passing the boss in Heroic mode, you can also get:

    Achievement Circle of Stars

    430+ for your character

    New unique pet: Zansh ‘ir-soldier

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