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      I just downloaded and installed the guide.  I launch the game and a message comes up suggesting that I do the War Campaign 110-120 and when I hit go the guide itself does not load.   The window that stays up says there is no guide loaded and to right click to load one.  Well I right click and there isn’t a guide for me to load.  I am currently level 116 and can’t seem to get any guide to launch that will me going.
      Any Suggestions?

        Look like you still need to install the paid guides 

        Make sure you enter your username and password in the installer correctly. 
        and make sure the install path is correct 
        1. Download latest installer version 
        2. Load the Dugi installer
        3. Click on the settings and enter your DugiGuides Username and Password (it should say Welcome! Username) if successful otherwise enter your info correctly 
        4. Check install path is correct, try clicking the Auto Detect Path button to fix it
        Win Retail. <your path>World of Wacraft_retail_
        Win Classic. <your path>World of Wacraft_classic_
        Mac Retail. /Applications/World of Wacraft/_retail_/
        Mac Classic. /Applications/World of Wacraft/_classic_/
        5. Check launcher path is correct
        6. Click Reinstall (after a new purchase)
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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