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      So you have to kill a few million to get this drop from the Hogger type mobs.  Drop rate is 2%.  It can be much lower.

      My advice is to do the armband quest, kill hogger, but if that gold schedule does NOT drop, forget it….just move on…do not keep killing those guys for such a rare drop.  Dugi?

        I even drop Hogger and the Armband quest if I have to spend too much time on it. Just red X them and continue. Time is money :)
        Skipping is much safer in Vanilla. Just don’t do it often or you’ll be behind on XP for the next zone guide.

          well 2% is 1 in 50, its actually 3% according to wowhead so 1 in 33, and it always seems to drop for us but we’ll make it optional 


            it is 1 in 33 when you factor in the rare (near Hogger) who has a very high drop rate.

            Now given this is the first week, I have not see it even as a corpse….and this is on 5 chars now !  I think if you don’t get it by the time you are done with Armbands, forgiitaboutit.  :)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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