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      I have to say, compared to the free addons out there that help with quest collection, turn ins, and completion, this addon is not worth paying for!. The free addons do just as good a job. 

      I find myself wondering around quite a lot thinking, “why aren’t I collecting these quest items?”, only to realise that the quest I needed isn’t in my ql, although DG tells me it should be because I’ve followed the steps in the drop down/quest tracker to the letter.

      Right now, at this very moment, I am flying to Gadgetzan to pick up the quest Super Sticky, because DG didn’t tell me to go Gadget to get it, so there I am, throwing myself in to killing tar lords, wondering “why aren’t I getting these quest items dropping?”. Oh wait, I don’t have the quest… Wowhead… I should not have to be using wowhead when I have an addon I PAID FOR!!!

      Get it right, or give me my money back! I have actually got a few of your guides, and have had similar problems with them all. This should not be happening!!!


        I have let it go till now, just one too many times I have had to wowhead something to find out what your addon isn’t doing right!


          Tanaris (49-50)
          Step 27 !Super Sticky <– Pick up

          Un’Goro Crater (51-52)
          Step 32 *Super Sticky  – Task

          Azshara (52-53)
          Step 2  ?Super Sticky – Turn  in

          From what I can see, all the steps are in the guide. I’m finishing Feralas (48-49) now so I’ll reach the pick up soon, on my 4th 60, and I haven’t experienced any errors with that particular quest yet  in any of my runs. I will make a  detailed ticket though if I see  anything wrong but I doubt it.


             !Super Sticky  step should have been in the Un’Goro Crater (51-52) guide as well, i’ll fix that.   I understand your frustration but it’s how it is, we fix any error that we find quickly. If you’re not happy we offer a 60 day full refund policy. 


              “Tanaris (49-50)

              Step 27 !Super Sticky <– Pick up”
              Just to confirm. Guide told me to pick it up last night. Moving it to the Un’Goro Crater (51-52) does seem to be the logical change as I suspect this happened because of a skipped zone.
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