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      I have searched the forums and looked elsewhere online and could not find any information on this. Basically, every thing I read about stat prioritization suggests prioritizing ilvl and primary stats over secondary stats. Dugi Gear Advisor seems to do the opposite and it’s frustrating to constantly ban items. Additionally, Shadowlands added diminishing returns to secondary stats leading me to believe it is even more important to focus on ilvl and primary stats. If I am wrong about this, that is fine also but it would be good to be able to adjust the prioritization Gear Advisor uses.

      Looking through options there are numbers on the Gear Scoring tab which come with no explanation. It appears to be weighted factors for stats which I could adjust if I only knew how they worked. Again, I looked for a guide on this gear score weighting but couldn’t find anything. Could someone explain how that feature works, what importing is and where to get the values for importing, and how to adjust my weights to decrease prioritization in gear scoring for secondary stats and increase focus on ilvl and primary stats?


        we havent done much in optimizing it for Shadowlands yet we’ll look at it soon. You should be able to change the stats weight in the Gear Scoring section. We don’t have any support in valuing ilvl

        gear scoring is fairly simple

        Item1 = 1 str  
        Item2 = 2 agi

        Gear Scoring 
        str = 1
        agi = 0.75 

        item1 score = 1 x 1 = 1 
        item2 score = 0.75 x 2 = 1.5 

        item2 score is higher and will be suggested as the winner. 


          try latest build now, we’re not done yet but i have fixed rating scaling for level 1-60 previously it was still scaling for 1-120 


            Thank you for the response; this is helpful. I suspected that is how the scoring worked but I wasn’t sure. Also, I wasn’t sure if this particular system for scoring was used across other addons because of the import option.

            I tried decreasing the weight for mastery and it recommended another piece of gear with higher strength even though I would lose some mastery. I’ll continue tweaking based on what I think is better mix.

            Were the original weights based on some sim or modeling?


              original weights was based weights recommended by AskMrRobot


                You could also use Pawn and, yes, AskMrRobot is the most popular one used, even during Shadowlands.

                You can use this guide “how-to-use-simulationcraft-and-pawn” The main one in that guide is the topic “Pawn”, scroll down until you find subtitle “How to use Pawn” & “How to use “StatWeightScore” is also another good one. I wouldn’t use both though.
                Other sites like Icy-Veins and Noxxic usually provide stat weights that can be imported using the same way as Pawn and AskMrRobot.
                The power of choice is yours and I hope I’ve provided some useful reading material for you.

                Utilize the knowledge you learned and smite the foes down with extreme force and get the precious loot from rng.

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