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    I`m playing a Restro Shaman, I have Dugi to always choose Restro gear, and currently have an ilevel of 391. I often find that the gear adviser is way off in it´s suggestion and basically have to put every suggestion on the ignore list. Here are two example from yesterday. Both times gear adviser wanted me to replace my purple 400+ trinket with and much lower green. The tooltip even show there is only a stat loss, no gains. Attached are two pictures of two examples. Forgive the quality, I used my cell phone because the windows shortcut for screenshots wasn´t working in WoW for me, and I was to lazy to use printscreen and tab out. 



    Sorry both pictures are sideways. They are not on my computer. I even try rotating them on my end, and they still upload this way.


      the trinket suggestion is inaccurate, this is noted on the tooltip for the option. It’s not able to score it properly, I suggest disabling trinket suggestion 

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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