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      Microsoft did an update yesterday and I no longer have full screen graphics. I have graphics setting in system options set to Fullscreen(Windows)


        If this is related to WoW, Fullscreen (Windowed) would be the option to use, Microsoft dropped the fullscreen support in DirectX 12, regarding to Windows 8.1 (via update) and Windows 10+ (natively available i.e dx12 available after fresh install of win10 or win11).

        If you use Windows 11 you can ensure that Optimizations for windowed games is enabled by doing the following:
        1. Select the Start 🪟 button, then select Settings ⚙️.
        2. In Settings, select System > Display > Graphics > Change default graphics settings.
        3. Select the setting under Optimizations for windowed games to turn it On.
        4. Restart your game.

        Unfortunately this can’t be enabled in Windows 10, I hope this helps.

          Turned out when Microsoft sent out an update it corrupted the OS and I was not able to get into Settings. After working with Microsoft support we were able to refresh Win11 so that now everything works.
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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