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      The real answer is that it depends. Originally i came to dugi from using carbonite addon since Burning Crusade, Carbonite was just too perfect but sadly it became too much to support during Mist of Pandaria. I’ve been using Dugi since WOD, as i took most of MOP off to play other stuff, and i can say that every guide was super helpful even the long forgotten gold farming guide. Ever since i’ve picked up every guide as it became available as they were just handy for getting through the leveling experience as quick as possible on alts. The thing i like the most about the other guides is that it keeps track of stuff i’m up to, and dugi’s team tries their best to keep up with changes that happen every patch. Sure it bugs out from time to time, I’ve got this one bug right now where the auto mount ignores the fact that i have flying mount skill and constantly puts on on a land mount, and for the size of this addon its a little expected but the majority of the time its a great little tool to use. Thank you Dugi and the team for working so hard on keeping the tool up to date with cool features, hopefully you get back into retail features soon though as i’m not much of a classic fan (didn’t much enjoy it back then when i wasn’t playing with friends, not going to like it now until they release burning crusade classic). 

      is it worth it? Yes if you want help leveling faster via tested routes or just a general help guiding you through the flow of playing a character. No if you’re just looking for a quest helper, there are many out there. Unsure? give a month a go and let me know what you think! Also if dugi is looking for help with the addon, I’m not a Lua dev specifically but i build software for a living; happy to help out and do my part with making this addon the best on the market.


        I been using dugi’s guide since 2010.
        I think it is well worth it I’ve tried different guides before I came upon dugi’s an by far IMHA is the best.


          I love quest tracking , So easy to scroll down seeing what you missed. Other guides had missing quests/out of order for Dragonflight yet so far I have seen nothing missing from Dugi , They have a crazy high standard they live unto.


          I have used Dugi guides forever.  I would not be playing WoW if this did not exist.


            This add on is superior to the competitor….

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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