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      I really wanted to like this guide, but just starting out it didn’t complete a starter quest chain (some brew mug turn in quest). I’m so tired of paying for Zygor and it’s wonky waypoints honestly. But if just starting out it’s already dropping steps in such basic quests how do you have confidence leveling that it doesn’t just get worse? Or can anyone vouch that this is actually better than what I’m already paying for?


        sorry I missed this, which guide are you using retail or classic? you shouldn’t have problems like this in the beginning 

          I’ve always liked Dugi’s guides and use them and Youtube/Wowhead/Icy Veins in preference to all else. Also Ask Mr Robot.
          Icy Veins will help you to set up your character properly by the way.

            I have been using Dugi since around 2006 and have found his guides to be superior to other guides, on the rare instances that there is an issue will help you out in the short term and a quick note to Dugi will fix the problem for the long term.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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