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    Receiving a quest

    Razor Hill “talk to the flight master to get a free flight to razor hill” 

    this quest is not an option to be had in fact it should be talk to the flight master to get flight path. for Sin’Jin village 

    after this step it should close out and move on to the next step which is 

    Riding on “speak to raider Jhash to get a ride to razor hill. Once there speak with Gar’thok”


      are you saying the quest Riding On is missing? I have just tested it and the quest is there and able to take flight master ride to Razor hill


      the quest it there but when I try and use the flight master I cannot. ive tried on several characters.  


        Sinsoft76 is correct. Whenever I have tried to use the flight master he reports I do not have to flight path so I resort to the old method (back in the day) where you asked the wolf rider to let him have a flatulent wolf to ride into town


          ok I have fixed this up for next build

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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