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      There is a serious interface issue Dugi is having. It is very buggy. The interface with WOW objectives and quests are doubled on top of each other, the arrow disappears randomly, the quest item button you can’t use, first time in ten years I had this many issues with Dugi!


        The issue stems from the new moveable ui and taint. Previously taint issues were not as much of an issue since a it really mattered with a few ui elements. Now since the ui mover affects a bunch of frames, if any of them becomes tainted the UI mover becomes tainted and then taints all the moveable frames, which causes the game to start throwing out endless errors. Addon authors are going to have to really rework things to limit taint issues but there is only so much that an be done.


          I would happily take a website version for now, like Brian and Joana used to do. Many of us are proficient at alt tabbing or have two monitors/ a phone etc.


            I too would happily use a web version.


              Yes @jordan94 has hit the nail on the head in regards to ui taints. however, the taint error mistakenly blames addon for the taint where in fact it’s blizzard. So far with the release of Dragonflight the ui taint has not been fixed by blizzard. Sadly the only solution is to do a /reload while you are not in combat.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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