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    the automated dugi installer does close itself as soon as I click into the credentials field for my username and password.
    I checked my AV software and it is a) deatctivated and b) not recognizing or showing that it blocked something.
    It always shows if it blocked any sort of programm or file. 
    So what else could it be that I cant get the dugi installer to run.
    Of course for now I always manually update my files but I’d like to use the installer once in a while too!


      i have exact same, installer closes when i click in the field for username or password.
      i tried instaling the wow classic guide manualy but i only got 1-12.
      plz help, i paid but cant get it to work.

      EDIT: i manage to fix it, i can now manually install the guide and it works.
      client stil broken :P


        it might crash due to restricted access perhaps because the files or folders are being used. 

        1. make sure wow is closed, when you load the installer nothing else is accessing the files in the InterfaceAddOns folder. 
        2. try rebooting the pc. 

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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