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    I have noticed that my Dugi Waypoint Arrow’s placement keeps moving slightly to the right whenever I restart the WoW UI during a game even when locked down with the help of the right-click arrow/zone map menu.

    I have tested this with ElvUI, my main UI addon, and all other addons including Dugi off course, enabled.
    I have also tested it with only Dugi enabled and everything else disabled.

    The same problem keeps popping up, the arrow moves slightly to the right, off-center, saving this position over my current profile making it permanent.

    To counter it for now, I have created a backup profile with the arrow centered and in the right place.
    So when I restart the UI I just copy this profile over my current one.
    Which of course is a bit redundant, since in the past I didn’t have this problem with Dugi Guides.

    Does someone else have the same problem?
    And could someone at Dugi please look into this?

    Thank you.



    Yes, I see this as well. And I do not have ElvUI installed. This is when running TBC…


    Hi tholotoo,

    Thanks for replying.
    I really thought it was a problem on my side only. I play retail by the way.
    Good to know the problem is also in WoW Classic.

    I know it’s a minor issue, but I’m incredibly OCD when it comes down to my UI symmetry.
    Hopefully the folks at Dugi can fix it

    Have great weekend and stay healthy.



      I can replicate the issue, we’ll fix it up soon 


      Latest update did not address this…


      Dugi said:

      I can replicate the issue, we’ll fix it up soon 

      Much appreciated!


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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