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      it is unusable …..unplayable
      I pay this thing every time thinking that the problems have been fixed, but I realize that this is not the case
      I activate it then I deactivate after 10 min
      I’m forced to disable the addon 
      Drop fps 80 to 15/10 Fps
      The memory can go up to 250Mo without other addons

      DGVZ use my pc for secretly mining cryptocurrency?

      It’s shameful

      I delete


          We’re not aware of any major fps issue at the moment, it has to be something else, next update is not likely will fix your problem since we’re not able to replicate the issue.  

          1. can you test with only Dugi enabled
          2. can you test with another character or a brand new character 
          3. can you post a screenshot of your addon menu showing the version number of Dugi
          4. can you try typing ‘/dugi fix’ in the game to reset dugi. 
          5. try loading the dugi installer > settings > click repair button.  
             -check in the game and make sure dugi is uninstalled
             -reinstall dugi and try again
          6. can you try renaming your WoWWTF folder to WTF1 to reset all your saved variable as a test. Make sure wow is closed when you do this and you can rename it back to WTF to regain your setting after the test. 
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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