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    The downloader is not downloading. The link doesnt work. I had to do the manual install but that doesn’t help with updates.


      Try disabling your antivirus security software. Refer to your antivirus website for documentation on how to accomplish this. Once antivirus software is temporarily disabled, try downloading Dugi Guides Installer again.


        After researching this for a while I would like to point out the following important things.

        1. Do NOT download any *free* software like Download Managers or software like “Restoro PC Repair Tool”.
        2. Do NOT replace any file/s of Windows installation.

        Installing any software that claim that can fix windows issues is a scam. They will give you false positives to indicate there are numerous problems with your pc / laptop and may seem it fixes a small handful and will then proceed to ask for you to pay to “fix” the rest. They are only interested in your wallet / bank account and should be avoided.

        Never go to any unknown, untrusted websites and download and replace any .dll file on any installation of windows. This is very dangerous that can introduce malware / viruses on your computer.

        The best thing you can do is do the following:

        1. Reset your Browser, google search “How to reset <name_of_browser>”. Replace <name_of_browser> with the name of the browser like Firefox.
        2. Ensure that your antivirus software is up to date, click Check for Updates.
        3. Do a full scan of the PC / Laptop.
        4. Reboot PC / Laptop.
        5. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
        6. Type in:
          SLC /ScanNow
        7. After that is finished, type in:
          DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
        8. Reboot PC / Laptop.
        9. Temporarily Disable the Antivirus / Security software.

        Reset Internet Security settings:

        1. Search for Internet Options.
        2. Click on Security tab.
        3. Click on Custom level… button.
        4. Ensure File Download is set to Enable.
        5. Scroll down the list further to Miscellaneous.
        6. Ensure that Launching applications and unsafe files is set to Prompt (recommended).
        7. Click Ok button.

        Check Internet Settings:

        1. Search for Internet Options.
        2. Click on the Advanced tab.
        3. Under Security, ensure that Do not save encrypted pages to disk is Unchecked.
        4. Click Ok button.

        If none of these worked, the worst case scenario would be to reset windows.

        1. Click on Start.
        2. Open Settings.
        3. Open Update & Security.
        4. Choose Recovery.
        5. Click on Get Started under the Reset this PC option.
        6. Click on Keep my files.
        7. After the procedure is finished, you’ll end up with a fresh copy of Windows.

        This is all on the top of my head, please forgive me if some steps is not correct etc. I would like to advise to never download/run Windows Registry files and do not edit the Windows Registry unless you know exactly what it is and what it does. You can find most explanations of them in Microsoft Knowledge Database, if unfamiliar with, it can take a long time to find.

        I thought I would provide more details and other options to rectify the issue and I wish you all the best with this. If you are still unable to download the installer please let me know.

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