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    When I click to download the page has a DNS not found. 


      Hmm it doesn’t happen to me, this may be an extension issue/conflict.

      I suggest to open the browser in it’s “Safe Mode” to see if it’s a extension issue


      1. Click the menu button Fx57menu, click Help, select Troubleshoot Mode… and click Restart in the Restart Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode? dialog.
      2. When the Open Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode? window appears, click the Open button.
      Clicking the Refresh Firefox button will restore Firefox to it’s default state while saving your essential data.


      1. Launch Chrome and hit the Organizeon the upper-right corner.
      2. Click on the option: New Incognito Window (CTRL + Shift + N).

      Head to Dugi Guides Members area and retry downloading.

      Microsoft Edge is based on Chrome, since I don’t use this browser I am not familiar with it, may need to google search for that browser.

      If you still can’t download, please try disabling your antivirus software and then retry download.
      Refer to the antivirus software documentation found on their website.
      If you still have issues downloading, please let us know by replying.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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