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      I am writing this here to warn those that use Discord that there is a scam that has been really active in the past few weeks that sends a message like this.

      heyy ummm idk what happened or if its really you but it was your name and the same avatar and you sent a girl erm **** stuff like wtf?<serverid> check #freaks and you'll see. anyways until you explain what happened im blocking you. sorry if this is a misunderstanding but i do not wanna take risks with having weirdos on my friendslist.

      The message intends for you to join the server by clicking the link or clicking the join button.
      Once you click the “I want to be verified”, it will send you a QR code that you will have to scan. Once you scan that QR code, they will steal your login information, then they will take over your account and do this to your friends in your friends list.

      Here’s a YouTube video about this:

      Other links and preventions:

      Please don’t fall victim to this scam. If you get a message like this, ignore it and don’t click on any links.

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