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      Hi Im using Dugi’s Guide of course but, if I have TSM Ver 4.0 (Trade Skill Master) and I kill a my target the whole game “hangs” for at least three seconds before I can loot the corpse and I get a LUI Error saying theres a conflict with Dugi’s Guide? If I disable TSM the game runs normal? If someone has reported this already sorry for wasting your time.



        can you copy and paste the error , are you using latest version for all your addons? 

          Ensure that you only have:
          1. TradeSkillMatster v4.7.x
          2. TradeSkillMaster_AppHelper v4.0.x
          All other TradeSkillMatser modules are for the v3.x version and is obsolete if you are using v4.7.x.
          I would ensure that TSM and DugiGuides is completely removed along with the savedvariables.
          To do this use the Twitch app and right-click and select Delete on all TSM addons.

          This will delete the addon and all the savedvariables.
          Download and install a fresh copy of TradeSkillMaster v4.7.8 and TradeSkillMaster_App_Helper v4.0.2.
          During this part I would ensure that DugiGuides Essentials is set to be Ignored. Right-click and select Ignore.
          Exit Twitch app completely.
          Open the DugiGuides Installer, click on the settings button.
          Click on the Repair Button, click on the Okay button and then Okay button again.
          Download the DugiGuides package by clicking the Reinstall button.
          There may have been a corrupt file somewhere that was causing the .LUA error.
          If you get that error again, can you please paste the error in here?
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