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    Hey guys and hey Dugi.

    Curently using this guide with some friend. and leveling as fast as we can. But there is somthing we like missing.
    Were is the Zone Base leveling or quest guide. Like Starter zone and the 1 place you head out to is oke, but why cant we choose e.x
    From ewlynn we whant to go and do all quest in westfall then redrigde then darkshire. but the guide goes from 1 place to another place. etc. Is it posible you gonna make like a zone best leveling guide like it was in vanilla?

    i remember when we hade vanilla and use this guide you can pick were you whanne level and se what kinda level the place was.

    Ewlynn 5-10/11 and westfall from 11-18 then redrigde from 18-25 and darkshire from 25-30 STV 30-40 etc etc etc. You get my point?. if not HMU and i try to tell more spesific what i meen.

    Best Regads Baard aka ZeGaL


      I don’t think you played Vanilla, it must have been Cataclysm at least.  You can’t “Choose Zone” like that in WoW Classic. You will need to follow the guide and travel. 

      It’s not possible to do Westfall 11-18 unless you’re ok with grinding, running out of quests and dying a lot. 

      The travelling may seems like a waste of time at the beginning but it’s not because you don’t get a mount until Level 40 (that is if you have the 40g for it) and you will need to go to Kalimdor eventually multiple times to get to level 40, you can’t level in just one continent. 


      Well atm i did human im now level 18 and doing the last 2 quest in westfall befour i go to lakeshire. and then duskwood. and then STV. and then i need to see. but in vanilla i also did it this way and it work. just need to make a guide for it. im using your guide included questie to help find the quest you dont have.

      So what can i help you do to make this work?.

      in vanilla we uses Quest helper and tom tom


        not going to make it work, it will be a terrible grinding guide to stay in one continent. 

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