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      With the guide turned off, I get a solid 120/130 FPS.   When I enable the guide, I’m randomly grinding to 30 FPS or lower and then jumping all over the place depending on where I’m at on the map.
      I think this has something to do with the Quest Tracking POIs.   However, when I uncheck them, FPS does not increase or stabilize, it just takes the dots and what not off the mini map.   So, I think the guide is still gathering the info, but just not displaying it.   

      A good example of this would be in Stranglethorn Vale.  While killing Kurzen and waiting on Jungle Remedy to drop, I decided to go ahead and work on the Green Hills line collecting the various pages in addition to the Tiger and Panther Mastery quests.   I think the guide is just being flooded with too much data.     I was experiencing it somewhat before working on the Green Hills line, but starting that basically crippled the game unless I disable the guide.  Not something I want to do.  

      I disabled all my addons and ran with just Dugi Guides, so it’s not another addon causing a conflict.   

      I also tried reinstalling the guide and that didn’t seem to help either.   


        I face the same issue, using an Addon for LUA Errors called: Swatter, it gives me this error message:

        Date: 2019-12-26 16:33:11
        ID: -2
        Error occured in: AddOn: DugisGuideViewerZ
        Count: 1
        Message: Note: AddOn DugisGuideViewerZ attempted to call a protected function (DugisGuideViewer_TargetFrame:Hide()) during combat lockdown.
           [C]: Hide()
           DugisGuideViewerZTarget.lua:506: Unload()
           DugisGuideViewerZModules.lua:361: ReloadModules()
           …erfaceAddOnsDugisGuideViewerZDugisGuideViewer.lua:4138: TurnOff()
           …erfaceAddOnsDugisGuideViewerZDugisGuideViewer.lua:5491: func()
           …gisGuideViewerZLibsDropDownMenuUIDropDownMenu.lua:817: LibDugi_UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick()
           [string “*:OnClick”]:1:
              [string “*:OnClick”]:1

          I’m not sure, I have 2 characters doing STV at the moment with tons of quests available and don’t notice any slow down. 

          Can you test with only Dugi enabled. 

          I face the same issue, using an Addon for LUA Errors called: Swatter, it gives me this error message:

          Date: 2019-12-26 16:33:11

          I think the error is unrelated but we can fix this one 

          I’m experiencing the same issues. Sometimes combined with erratic movement of the quest icons on the minimap every time a quest gets updated.
          A reload normally solves the problem for the current quest until the issue happens again with another quest.

          Did some testing and looting a quest item results in a sharp drop in FPS.


            Did you test with only Dugi enabled? 

            I tested this for an hour and can’t replicate the issue 


              Ok I can replicate the issue but it seems random we’re still looking into it


                I’m not sure what was done, but it wasn’t as noticeable in 1.113.   With 1.114 I’m not noticing it at all, but I’m in a different zone with that character.    Thank you for looking into this. 

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