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      Build 1.066
      Dugi Addon
      • Updated Ru Localization
      • Fixed Gear Advisor loop with off hand items
      Leveling Guides
      • Added steps for Storing and Withdrawing items from the bank for Horde guides
      • Added missing Shaman quests
      • Added missing Druid quests for both factions
      • Guide fixes and improvements (too many to list) 

        I like your guides, but I am disappointed in one respect, namely, that sometimes the individual realm guide (e.g., “Duskwood 28-29”) jumps around a lot from quests that have already turned grey to quests that are yellow killers! So if I follow the linear steps of the guide, I’m going from one quest that gives me no experience value at all, to another where I am getting mobbed and killed repeatedly (e.g., “Worgens in the Woods”). I wish that within each guide, the quest fulfillment would be set up in a way that you went gradually from the easiest to the hardest quests within that guide to do the actual fighting and grinding. I wouldn’t mind a little extra traveling to do that — much better than doing frequent corpse runs!

          There are no grey quests in the Duskwood guide if you’re at the correct level (28-29) +/-. There are no grey quests in general if you’re at the correct level (only maybe one or two breadcrumb quests for a chain in the entire guide).
          You’re ahead of the guide, probably because of Dungeons, and need to change to a zone guide with green/yellow quests. If you’re only leveling by questing, you’ll never see a normal grey quest.
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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