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    The steps 113  – 115 are all the same  “Stormheim Switch to [Stormheim (10-50)] guide cant imagine it needs to be said 4 times ?


      Each step covers different quest id and there are 4 different version, each step is optional so it should only suggest it one time. It doesn’t look pretty when you look at it from the large frame view but ignore that focus on what’s displayed on the frame 🙂


      AH i see, i hope there will be a solution to it  at one point, the reason i often open the large screen is  sometimes i need to quickly check if i missed something, and i can see lots more of possible follow up steps that way.

      So the program cant see witch version i have ?
      its okay I can live with it ,but sometimes it makes it a bit more complex.:3


        it does detect which version you have it detects it and tick the correct version in the guide and skip the other version steps and move on from it

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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