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      For several weeks now WOW has been very choppy and jerky. Every time I play my character it moves a few feet and then gets stuck then moves again and something happens again. Going through a portal takes forever and then the kicks me out. I tried to reach out to Blizzard and didn’t get anywhere. Any suggestions?

        We only offer support for DugiGuides addon, if this happens with all addons disabled, then you may need to make a support ticket here In making a ticket they will usually tell you to follow common steps they’ve outlined in several technical support guides, unless you reword your issue to them and then and maybe then they will look at this issue more seriously. I just know how they would handle support tickets.
        Alternatively, you may need to follow this guide everything you can try is listed there and how to do it all.
        I have also noticed several other posts in Blizzard and other communities with the same issue, and looks non related to Dugi Guides.
        Worse case scenario would also try reinstalling World of Warcraft.
        Then thinking about this, this might not just be software issue as what Blizzard would point out, it could be a number of things that gone wrong. Try to think when was the last time WoW ran smoothly and try to do a System Restore and choose a date roughly around the period when WoW ran smoothly. Without more important information that’s the best advice I am giving.
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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