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    One thing that i really like about Dugi’s guides is that it uses all the zones to the fullest for solo players. I like to run dugi’s against other guides such as guidelimes, zygors and wow-pro’s. My biggest complaint for Dugi’s has always been you never know what level you should/want us to be. Because i have finished portions of the guide where I’m below the recommended level for the next zone and if there was hints along the way on “you might want to do this while here and gain maybe a couple bars real quick before moving on as it will help with the difficulty of the quests.”
    Zygor’s does this to an extent but since their overhaul due to folks complaining about travel time You can actually grind out 3 levels in the undead zone alone just because of it. Now i don’t want this kind of extreme grinding because it just seems like lazy pathing to Zygor.
    I just want a rough estimation of where we should be in the leveling process to kind of guide us per say….oh, maybe killing an extra couple mobs here will help in the long run.
    Thanks again for the guides! I’m a life subber and they have been superb

      yes this is a good idea, l look into this 


      Dugi said:

      yes this is a good idea, l look into this 

      thanks for looking into it!


        I like that idea!

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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