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    So ever since i got monthly sub i keep having problem after problem.
    First i spent all evening trying to figure out why it doesnt work at all and it turned out to be an update problem.
    Im playing WOTLK and now it turns out i have wrong product and my dugi just wont work unless i get the classic version for 37$ which means ive wasted my money :D
    I dont like wasting money and i havent found any “no refunds” policy in terms and conditions.
    Can i have my money back?

      Once you purchase this you can download all the different products. Just go under the members page and scroll towards the bottom… they are all there.


        There was an update that broke the guides, there’s an update that fixes this, please try 3.025.
        Also to add that if you have indeed purchased a product that you have “wasted your money on” please make a ticket here.
        Refunds and / or Account payments related are not discussed publicly.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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