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    For the last month everyday I log in load the war campaign guide, I reset and reload. I need to do the “to the front” mission. The quest is never there. This is literally holding up everything. Are you sure the guide is right? The quest is never there.


      should be there, you might need to contact GM support 

      what happens when you try to skip it ? have you completed the next quest “Touring the Front” ?


      GD wtf, I mean wtf! I’m following war campaign exactly. reset the guide at least three times a day. So many hours following the guide. 48 dollars for this?Why should I skip  “to the front” quest after waiting months for it? It should be there? All those hours and that effort? No, I’m not skipping anything, I’ve put in too much effort and time. Goddamnit, I skipped to touring to meet Roderick Brewston, but guess what, this npc isn’t here either. I want my GD money back, I’ve wasted weeks of time following your guide. Total absolute BS. I mean sold I be told to just skip it when I’ve spent several hours every night for weeks trying to complete it? So you’re saying all the time and effort meant nothing? That’s BS.


        I insist you communicate with respect or I’ll show you the door. 

        “To the Front” quest line up to “Back to Boralus” or “Back to Zuldazar” is not compulsory part of the war campaign, you don’t need it and safe to skip. If it’s not available then you should skip it. 

        I don’t know how you can blame us for wasting months on checking on one quest, Blizzard changes quest and often remove them completely with patches and I gave you an answer the same day you asked for help which would have save your frustration if you have asked sooner. 

        We currently don’t have character at that stage of the progression so we’re not able to check this ourselves live currently. 

        You can get a refund for anything within our 60 days guarantee just open a ticket


        No, you have me put in a ticket to a GM that will take three days to answer and only to refer me to wowhead. I did skip to the Brewston npc, he wasn’t even there, as said in my reply. I’ve been a sub since 2014, never have I seen such thrown together half *** BS. And yea, I’m under the 60 day policy. 


          I think what Dugi is saying that the quest might be bugged, and to contact the GM. I’ve run into issues where the guide says one thing, but I’m unable to do it, because somehow the quest is bugged, through no fault of the guide.

          I’m not saying that is what is happening in your case, because I’m not at your quest yet, but often dropping the quest or contacting the GM solves the issue when there is a quest that’s not there. 

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