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    I have recently returned to WOW after 4yrs away and picked up my dugi guide expansion, I am having some issues finding my way around the gui for load the BfA levelling guide ( the addon is installed “DugiGuidesViewer 8.708” and enabled.
    I am currently enjoying a 115 lvl DH
    however when I rht click to select a guide and pick levelling the only ones avail appear are Starting Zones thru to Draenor (90-100) with no Broken Island, Kul Tiras or Zandalar. 
    I am sure I am either not reading the guide instructions correctly or misunderstand how this particular expansion is being supported. Either way some words of advice and help would be really appreciated as I am currently roaming around randomly picking up quests with no plan  or idea what I am trying to do :)🙂 
    This is the first time I have struggled with the guides as the format was fool proof  now it it appears to be fooling me lol ..

      Similar situation here, I can see up to draenor (100)  and then 110+ but nothing from 100->110, not sure if I am misinterpreting something


        I check both your account and you should have the BFA guides, make sure you are logged in with the installer with your username and password and resintall

        double check that the install path are correct it should be something like
        <your path>World of Warcraft_retail_

        I doubled checked the install, repeated the clean install actions ( I had not installed wow on a new pc build until a few days ago so it was a new install anyway) but checked the paths and login name and pwd, allowed the installer top do its stuff, I did notice that there was a msg saying update available went to setting did a repair and allowed the installer to again do its stuff, and all is well many thanks the wonderful familiar guide is here many thanks guys looking forward to grinding all these alts
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