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      First off this is not a dig at Dugi Guide… I think this guide is awesome and absolutely worth the 40 bucks or whatever. The interface is awesome and dungeon guide’s were a huge welcome addition a couple months ago.

      This is more of a question on how long it should take someone to get to 60 using it. I just hit 60 on my NE hunter, and my /played came out to about 12 days and change. I just want to preface that I did level fishing and cooking to 300 on my way, and skinning and first aid but that’s it. 

      I also played on a medium pop PVE server so I didn’t have a lot of competition or mage’s AOE farming qust mobs. I didn’t run many dungeons over and over and skipped a few. I’d say I was almost constantly one or two levels above the level for the guide I was on as I grinded my way to every quest. I did spend some time idling around in the cities so I think maybe my real play time is ~10 days. 

      I am a new player, only played vanilla till about 30 and a pserver to about the same, so I was expecting it to take a little longer but that does seem like it took a longer than average especially for a hunter on medium pop PVE server. 

      Reason I’m asking this is I’m thinking of making an alt on a high pop pvp server. Thinking of going warlock. Anything I can do to speed this process up? I know some of the quest that dugi guide has you do have ridiculous low drop rates (IE miner’s fortune in barrens for horde) that I know other guides, free and payed, have you skip. 

      So Dugi what do you expect the play time to be for someone using your guide? Any other users want to chime in?


        sry i derped

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