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    All I have is level 1-12 for classic. Ive reloaded. is there more? retail has ‘everything’


      Hi WoW Classic requires a new purchase, 



      How? support , products? where


      ok  so i spent 47 bucks for  annual classic. exited game, downloaded 1.02, started up again…. same.. uninstalled dugi, reinstalled. same.


        the annual is for WoW Retail, I see you purchase the WoW Classic,  I’ll refund the WoW Retail purchase 


        It’s NOT working for me… I have reinstalled like 10 times and it’s STILL saying I am a trial user! I have logged into the DG app on  the computer, entered my info, downloaded manually & installed… Freaking NOTHING…. 

        This was AFTER I had to buy (AGAIN) the WoW classic addon…. Way to stiff us even though I bought this YEARS ago but sure… Fine…. Why isn’t it FREAKING WORKING!?


        Figured it out!! 

        Your email to log in with and your USERNAME are two totally different things, or at least it was for mine… 

        IT”S WORKING! 

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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