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      Returning player from 10 years ago. I used this guide then and it was worth it. Very suprised my account is still here. Wondering now does the new purchase i have to make have guides to obtain your allied races? 

      Does it also have guides for Hunters to complete the tasks to be able to catch birds etc? 



        the allied races guide should be in the achievement section for up to BFA expansion. I’m not sure about the bird catching for hunter, is that for pets?


          Yep, he’s talking about hunter pets, there’s no guide for that btw, too complex to make one, I even thought more than once.
          Too many pets that requires to do more than just tame, situational and some skill involved for most. I recommend to use wowhead and youtube. best of luck!

          BTW I am still busy here in the states.


          is there or will there be a guide  for all  allied races? 

          I can only find  7  allied races,  4  allied races guides in the  legion feats of strength and 3 in the bfa feats of strength  so i am still missing : Mechagnome, Kul Tiran Human and Dark Iron Dwarf.

          Or are they in a different part of the guide i looked over all the guides but cant seem to find them, if they are in can you tell me where to find them thx .

          I really love that the allied races guides are also in your package ,i was finally  able to unlock the high mountain tauren by means of your guide nice and easy :P


            You should see them under Achievements » Battle for Azeroth » Feats of Strength
            3 for Horde, you will need to be Horde to see them.
            3 for Alliance, you will need to be Alliance to see them.
            You can’t unlock Alliance races with a Horde character and like wise the other way around.

            I hope this helps.


            so you mean i need to  have the guide open in game with a alliance character to see the other 3 allied races ,i was hoping i could see all guides ,alliance and horde achievement’s ?


              Yes that’s correct, in order to unlock any of the Alliance allied races; you need to be Alliance and also meet the other requirements such as story quest line progressions and reputations for the required factions.
              To further clarify, the guides was written based on Blizzard’s outlines for these races.

              Dugiguides has all the guides needed to unlock all the allied races (legion or bfa) and if you do get lost along the way you can always ask questions in here.

            Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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